Emily England - Roller Girl / Fashion / Beauty  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Emily England - Roller Girl - © Curtis Joe Walker
Emily England

Neon Shower - BabyFirefly / Nude  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Neon Shower - BabyFirefly - © Curtis Joe Walker

Cyclorama glamour with fur / Nude  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Cyclorama glamour with fur - © Curtis Joe Walker

The cheetah with stripes / Fashion / Beauty  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

The cheetah with stripes - © Curtis Joe Walker
Cheryl Birch

Haunted Meesh / Instant Film  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Haunted Meesh - © Curtis Joe Walker

Medieval Forest / Black and White  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Medieval Forest - © Curtis Joe Walker

Grub Girl / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Grub Girl - © Curtis Joe Walker
Fae D Cay

Sadie Ladie - Beneath the surface / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Sadie Ladie - Beneath the surface - © Curtis Joe Walker

Bucolic / Nude  photography by Photographer Curtis Joe Walker ★1 | STRKNG

Bucolic - © Curtis Joe Walker

2021-11-27 08:00 
Ruins / Nude / boots,tattoo,outdoor,sky,natural,nude,naked,model,female,girl,blonde
Elizalde / Lost places / nude,urbex,adventure,nevada,boots,denim,fashion,desert,model,girl,woman
Catastrophe / Lost places / nude,naked,model,blond,boots,nipple,denim,jean jacket,urbex,concrete,ruins,destruction,rebar,rust
Da funk / Nude / fashion,nude,naked,boots,denim,sky,clouds,concrete,ruins,urbex,outdoor,pubic hair,blond
Da funk
Window / Nude / naked,nude,girl,model,woman,barefoot,sole,nipple,breast,topless,tattoo,blond,sky,ruins,clouds,attitude
Portal / Nude / nude,naked,figure,nipple,tattoo,sky,outdoor,breast,stomach,belly button,woman,model,girl,female,hips,skin,mouth


I worked with traveling model, Brittany Bochart to create these images on location in the middle of the Nevada wastelands. The site of a defunct concrete factory, mysterious structures rise from the dust. Damaged by fire, explosion gunshots and graffiti, the place exudes a tranquil desolation that inspired our session.

2021-10-26 04:42 
Justine Marie / Mode / Beauty / feet,instax,double exposure,barefoot,short hair,woman,model,tattoo,analog,film,instant film
Justine Marie
Toe Love Triple Portrait / Abstrakt / surreal,barefoot,feet,toes,double exposure,instax,instant film,analog
Toe Love Triple Portrait
Double Exposure Beauty / Instant-Film / topless,model,nude,erotic,double exposure,instax,instant film,lomography,tattoo
Double Exposure Beauty
Face Bondage Toe Suck / Portrait / instax,instant film,tattoo,nude,analog,fetish,bondage,feet,toes,model
Face Bondage Toe Suck
Justine Marie / Konzeptionell / instax,instant film,double exposure,portrait,shower,nude,tattoo,analog,face
Justine Marie
Tits and Ass / Abstrakt / nude,surreal,double exposure,portrait,naked,instax,instant film,analog,pierced,nipples,ass,topless,model,woman,fingers
Tits and Ass
Temptress / Fine Art / nude,double exposure,instax,instant film,naked,erotic,flirt,seduce,expression,mood,sexy,wig,bush,pubic hair
Shower / Abstrakt / feet,foot,barefoot,model,shower,wetlook,tattoo,panties,sole,toes,legs
Intensity / Portrait / instax,instant film,nude,naked,topless,breast,nipple,tattoo,lomography,model,woman,girl,female,film,analog,face,portrait

Instax Doubles with Justine Marie

Camera: Lomo Instant Wide
Film: Instax Wide 800ISO
Model: Justine Marie
Location: Oasis Motel, Las Vegas

2021-10-17 05:47 
Crash - Double Exposure Instax / Fine Art / redhead,nude,instax,instant film,barefoot,naked,ass,legs,surreal,erotic,film,analog
Crash - Double Exposure Instax
Crash - Leg Monster / Instant-Film / instax,legs,double exposure,lingerie,film,analog,surreal
Crash - Leg Monster
Crash - Shibari / Nude / shibari,fetish,nude,rope,instax,tattoo,analog,surreal,lomography,double exposure
Crash - Shibari
Crash - Double Exposure Instax / Instant-Film / instax,instant film,double exposure,nude,tatoo,analog
Crash - Double Exposure Instax
Crash - Clouds / Abstrakt / instax,instant film,feet,smoke,Mickey Mouse,sole,analog,film,double exposure
Crash - Clouds
Scream / Portrait / Instax,film,portrait,surreal,scream,blindfold,double exposure,lomography
Crash - Self Love #1 / Nude / double exposure,instax,instant film,nude,barefoot,redhead,lesbian,naked,analog
Crash - Self Love #1
Crash - Self Love #2 / Menschen / nude,naked,instant film,instax,double exposure,redhead,lesbian
Crash - Self Love #2
Crash - Self Love #3 / Instant-Film / naked,barefoot,nude,film,tattoo,instax,instant film,lomography,double exposure
Crash - Self Love #3

Instax Double Exposures with Crash

These photos are from 3 seperate photo shoots with Crash using my Lomography Instant Wide camera. I love to create one of a kind double exposures using this camera. The images come out and it's like magic. Making photos in this way is my favorite thing to do with a camera.

2021-10-09 03:30 
Fae D Cay - Instax / Konzeptionell / instax,instant film,nude,double exposure,fetish,bdsm,breast,nipple,boob,tit,film,analog,lomography
Fae D Cay - Instax
Fae D Cay  Fingerhands - Instax / Konzeptionell / film,analog,portrait,face,fingerhands,tongue,fetish,bdsm,bondage,instax,instant film,lomography
Fae D Cay Fingerhands - Instax
Fae D Cay - Instax / Nude / instax,nude,double exposure,film,instant film,fetish
Fae D Cay - Instax
Fae D Cay - Instax / Instant-Film / surreal,film,analog,instax,instant film,nude,double exposure,lomography
Fae D Cay - Instax
Fae D Cay - Instax / Instant-Film / instant film,instax,film,analog,double exposure,lomography
Fae D Cay - Instax
Fae D Cay - Instax / Abstrakt / nude,double exposure,instax,instant film,boobs,breast,nipple,naked,lomography,tongue,fetish,bondage,bdsm
Fae D Cay - Instax
Fae D Cay - Instax / Portrait / instax,instant film,face,fetish,portrait,tongue
Fae D Cay - Instax
Fae D Cay - Instax / Nude / instax,instant film
Fae D Cay - Instax
Fae D Cay - Instax / Nude / instax,instant film,lomography,ass,naked,nude,erotic,double exposure,fetish,tongue,submissive,analog,film,butt,boobs,boots
Fae D Cay - Instax

Fae D Cay - Instax Double Exposures

Fae brought her fetish mask and we worked on some surreal erotic shots using my lomography instant wide camera and some fuji Instax film.

2021-09-21 04:22 

Chey Alexandria

These photos are from my very first shoot with Cheyenne Alexandria. I have met Chey a few times in the past, as she has come through the studio for shoots with some of my customers. After seeing her give 110% for 8 straight hours at a shoot, I knew I would have a great time shooting with her. One day, a customer had a model flake at the last moment and Chey was able to come in and save the day. I wound up booking her for another hour after the customer's shoot and these shots are the result. We shot these at my studio, Photo Bang Bang in Las Vegas. The space is available for rent to the public, and I am available to help with lighting and anything else a photographer might need. Stop by if you're ever in town!

Past Events

Archive 23.10.2021

Art Nude Workshop: Dakota Lee  

Saturday, 10-23 11:00h - 19:00h

Las Vegas

Nevada / United States of America / North America

Private workshop session with instructor Curtis Walker and model Dakota Lee. Included in fee is studio time, model fee, and lighting.

Model Limits: up to art nude- no erotic and no exposing of genitalia/no sexual facial expressions

Event created by Curtis Joe Walker / 2021-09-20 21:49:08

Link: Saturday, 10-23 11:00h - 19:00h / Art Nude Workshop: Dakota Lee


Curtis Joe Walker


I am a Las Vegas Local and I do most of my work out of my studio, Photo Bang Bang. I have shot for numerous publications including Gizmodo, Urb Magazine, Hustler Magazine, Vogue Italia, io9, Dvice, Mashable, Wired, DeviantNation, SuicideGirls, Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas City Life, Kink.com, Sexual Health Magazine and more. I am a highly competent and creative photographer with a skilled approach to composition and lighting who loves working on location and in new environments, in addition to the comfort of his studio.

My current lineup of cameras includes a Nikon Z6, Lomography Instant Wide, Lomography Diana+ Instant Square, Insta360 OneX, DJI Osmo Pocket 2 and iPhone8 and he is now branching out into live streaming and filmmaking.