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Europe / Germany / Berlin

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Nude  photography by Photographer Burak Bulut YILDIRIM | STRKNG

- © Burak Bulut YILDIRIM

Dress Code: Light! Nude Art Photography Exhibition    

Burak Bulut Yıldırım’s Sensational Berlin Debut

Friday, 07-05 19:00h - Thursday, 07-25 19:05h


Germany / Europe

“Dress Code: Light”: Burak Bulut Yıldırım’s Sensational Berlin Debut
DressCode Light 2 Dress Code: Lightdress code light Burak Bulut Yildirim Dress Code: Light

Master of Light Unveils Erotic Nude Photography Exhibition in Berlin: “Dress Code: Light”

Berlin, 05.07.2024 – Burak Bulut Yıldırım’s exhibition “Dress Code: Light” is a provocative show that questions social norms. In this exhibition, light replaces fabric and fearlessly explores the human body. A master of light, Burak Bulut redefines forms by “dressing” naked bodies in luminescence, emphasizing the raw, unfiltered eroticism and vulnerability of his subjects.

With nearly two decades of experience, each of Burak Bulut’s photographs is a testament to his bold vision and creativity, shaped by great hardships in Istanbul. A Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador and one of the pioneering photographers in nude art photography, Burak Bulut has exhibited his work in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

The conservative pressures and obstacles he faced in Istanbul fueled his passion and determination. In the liberating environment of Berlin, he will experience for the first time the joy of exhibiting his vision without restrictions.

“Dress Code: Light” is not only an art exhibition but also a defiant statement against conformism. In this exhibition, you will step into a world where light is the only clothing and see how the human body is redefined in a new and provocative light.

Yıldırım’s work draws inspiration from the great masters of art history. The use of light and shadow in his photographs evokes the deep emotional effects seen in Rembrandt’s paintings and the dramatic contrasts of Caravaggio. His minimalist and abstract approaches are reminiscent of Edward Weston, while the modern reinterpretation of Lucien Clergue’s technique of viewing the human body as a landscape adds depth and complexity to his work.

In addition to these influences, Yıldırım’s photographs also reflect the surreal and experimental elements found in Man Ray’s avant-garde photography. Each image in the exhibition demonstrates his technical mastery and ability to evoke powerful emotions through the use of light.

Curator: Mery Emaydın
Opening Event: July 5, 2024, at 19:00
Exhibition Duration: July 5, 2024 – July 29, 2024
Venue: Galerie für künstlerische Aktfotografie, Krossenerstr. 34, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain – die-aktgalerie.de
(The exhibition consists of 31 limited edition photographs)

For more details, visit: https://burakbulut.info/dress-code-light/

For press inquiries, contact:
Mery Emaydın – Curator
[email protected]
+49 01789686672

Join us in celebrating this fearless exploration of light and form, and witness the groundbreaking artistry of Burak Bulut Yıldırım.

Organizer / Participants: Photographer Burak Bulut YILDIRIM

Event created by Burak Bulut YILDIRIM / 2024-06-16 22:08:17

Link: Friday, 07-05 19:00h - Thursday, 07-25 19:05h / Dress Code: Light! Nude Art Photography Exhibition| Burak Bulut Yıldırım’s Sensational Berlin Debut

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Since beginning my photography journey in 2005, I’ve had the privilege of working as a commercial photographer for both major global brands and smaller companies, creating compelling visual stories for them. My work has been showcased in exhibitions across Europe, allowing me to share my unique perspective with diverse audiences.

In addition to my photography work, I am passionate about teaching. I founded a photography school that has helped more than 5,000 students master the art of capturing stunning images. Witnessing their growth as artists is incredibly rewarding, and I am proud to have been a part of their journey.

Over my 19-year career, my fascination with using light to create beautiful images has only deepened. The world of photography allows me to express my creativity and forge deep connections with others. I remain dedicated to exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Burak Bulut Yıldırım is an official Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador from 2018 to 2024. Member of the federation of professional portrait photographers- BPP. He also holds an International Artist card from the German International Fine Arts Society (IGBK).

I live in Berlin since 2024. I have photostudios at Berlin and Istanbul.
Manager: mery emaydin – [email protected]

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