Model female
Behind / Portrait | photography by Model Lysann ★8 | STRKNG

Behind - © Lysann

Black Raven Stories - Von den Abgründen I / Nude | photography by Model Lysann ★8 | STRKNG

Black Raven Stories - Von den Abgründen I - © Lysann

Silent Observer / People | photography by Model Lysann ★8 | STRKNG

Silent Observer - © Lysann
Sergey Sivushkin

Get out of the cage. On the other side of fear lies freedom. / Black and White | photography by Model Lysann ★8 | STRKNG

Get out of the cage. On the other side of fear lies freedom. - © Lysann
No pierdo nada

We live the life we choose. / Abstract | photography by Model Lysann ★8 | STRKNG

We live the life we choose. - © Lysann
Butow Romey

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2018-05-08 07:26 

The OTHER Side – oder: kleine Hommage an Patti Smith

Vero Cain: "Ich würd gern mit dir etwas ausprobieren, was du sonst so nicht machst. Vertraust du mir?"

Nun, die Antwort ist auf den Bildern zu finden. Rockig, provozierend und offensiv-frech. Einerseits zart und unschuldig – andererseits etwas schmutzig und abgründig. Das Experimentelle wagen – Patti Smith, die Musik-Ikonie, die den Punkrock massgeblich beeinflusste und die in den 70ern ein ganz neues Frauenbild kreierte. Eine Poetin, eine Intellektuelle, die diese Gegensätze verkörperte. Verletzlich und gleichzeitig aggressiv. Träumend und doch – hellsichtig. Sexy ohne Mainstream zu sein. Rebellisch und doch vernünftig. Anders. Eine Power und Dynamik, die sich in Bildern widerspiegelt. Ein verstörender ironischer Bruch, der irritiert. Patti Smith – anders als… „normal“. Diese Bilder: eine Annäherung. (O-Ton Vero Cain).

Ich würde sagen, diese Annäherung ist mehr als gelungen. Ich? Anders als „normal“. Verletzlich und gleichzeitig provokant(er). Zart und gleichzeitig … rockig(er). Dynamik und Stilbruch. Ich LIEBE das Ergebnis!!!

Ich danke dir so sehr lieber Vero, für dein kleines „Experiment“, diese spannende Erfahrung und den absolut genialen Tag mit euch!!!

Fotos und Collage: Vero Cain

The OTHER Side – or: Paying tribute to Patti Smith

Vero Cain: "I'd like to try something with you that you wouldn't normally do. Do you trust me?"

Well, the answer is in the pictures. Rock-like style, provocative and cheeky (almost in an offensive way). On the one hand a sensation of delicacy and innocence - on the other hand there is something dirty and abysmal about this. Daring to experiment - Patti Smith, the music icon, who had a huge influence on punk rock and who created a whole new image of women in the 70s. A poet, an intellectual who embodied these opposites. Vulnerable and aggressive at the same time. Her head in the clouds and yet - clairvoyant. Showing that you can be sexy in an individual way which is far from mainstream but special. Rebellious and yet down to earth. Different. That's the power and dynamic reflected in the pictures. A break which is so ironic that you cannot help feeling irritated. Patti Smith - everything but normal... What about these pictures? Well, they are an approximation. (Quote by Vero Cain).

I would say that this approach is definitely a success. I? Everything but normal. Vulnerable and at the same time (more) provocative than ever. Gentle and at the same time ... adopting a rock-like style. It deviates from my general style and brings in a completely new dynamic. I LOVE the results!!!

It was a great experience and I had an amazing day with the both of you - Vero Cain and his lovely wife Sybille Sophie.


2018-05-05 09:37 

...and Action!!

I really love pictures taken during movement. They're quite often more unique and authentic than pictures taken while statically posing: it's just not possible to do the same picture again. AND I really love pictures being blurred (I'm not even entirely sure why - but it somehow addresses the same issue as mentioned above). In this case, we even decided to just keep them as they are - completely out of cam.

Thanks a lot to Michael who made those pictures possible!!!

Photos: Michael Böhler / Photosomnia


2018-04-03 13:02 

Wet plate collodion photo on glass

Last week, I had a very special shoot - definitely one of my highlights this year! I was visiting Tom Oosthout, who works with a "wet plate collodion technique". This technique dates back to the very beginnings of photography around 1850. Images are created directly on a glass plate, which is then used for exhibitions in museums and galleries. Just the process of creating such a glass plate was incredibly exciting to follow - There is a huge effort behind it!

In order to produce such an image on glass plate, the camera, the focus and the light must first be set, the image detail and the pose must be precisely defined. After all, once the glass plate has been prepared, you have to speed up, because the plate must not dry out. The glass plate is first coated with collodion and placed in a silver bath for 3 minutes to make it photosensitive. Then the plate is placed in the light-tight cassette of the camera and attached to the camera. After that, the model has to quickly take the previously set pose, the slider is removed from the cassette and the lid on the lens - thus the plate is exposed. The exposure time is 9 seconds, during this time the model must keep the pose - even just a slight movement would lead to the picture being blurred. After these 9 seconds, the lid comes back on the lens and the slide on the cassette. Now the plate must be developed immediately in the darkroom before it dries. The glass plate is doused with a developer liquid (water with iron and alcohol) and then rinsed with water and placed in a fixer. As a result, the silver dissolves from the plate on which no light has fallen. You can see the picture appear immediately - absolutely exciting!! Then you have to dry the glass plate, paint the back with black acryl colours to see the picture well. Production costs of one plate are about 50 euros. The camera itself has only an ISO of no less than 1 (!!!) - so you have to add a lot of external light to make the whole thing work.

Dear Tom, I thank you so much for this great afternoon with you, for your detailed explanations and this super exciting experience! And many thanks to Dennis Süßmuth for taking the pictures!

Wet plate collodion photo on glass: Tom Oosthout
(Facebook: )


Making Of pictures: Dennis Süßmuth
(Facebook: )

Wet plate collodion photo on glass, 17,8 x 23,5 cm (2mm)
Lens: Leitz Epis 4,0/400
Exposure 9 seconds @ f 4,0


size (cm)
weight (kg)
standard size
36 XS
Measurements BxWxT (cm)
95 x 70 x 86
Fashion, Lingerie, Swimwear, Lifestyle, Bodypaint, Nude, Underwater, Portrait

Ich bezeichne mich nicht als "Model". Ich bin - Mensch. Ich liebe es Ideen zu entwickeln und umzusetzen. Ich liebe den "Flow" beim Fotografieren, wenn "eins" das "andere" ergibt.... Ich liebe es mich kreativ "auszutoben".

I'm not a "model" - I'm just a human. I love developing ideas and realising them. I love the "flow" while taking pictures - one thing leads to another. I love being creative.

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