"strong" - Fotografie

Nadia Nardelli 13 104

I'm Nadia Nardelli. I came from Italy. My work is focused on digital experimentation. therefore it isn't a matter of photography, instead of images. I am interested by nature, geometry created by...

Fine Art
Europa / Italien / castellana grotte

Nanne Springer Photography 12 107

"Nanne Springer is a self-educated photographer skilled in the art of analog film. Her origins lie in Germany but currently she resides in Canada. The works within these pages are transatlantic,...

Fine Art / Portrait / Schwarz-weiss
Nordamerika / Kanada / Toronto

Holger Dülken 7 158

Meine Fotografie steht in der Tradition der ursprünglichen Fotografie mit einem Lochbild-Objektiv. Deshalb fotografiere ich mit einem Holga-Objektiv. Die Fotos sind unbearbeitet, so wie sie in der...

Nude / Portrait / Fine Art
Europa / Deutschland / Magdeburg

Lara Wilde 10 187

Lara Wilde studied audiovisual media in Berlin and psychology in Hagen. Since 2013 she has been working as a photographer and director with the aim of combining a strong visual language with her...

Fine Art / Menschen / Portrait
Europa / Deutschland / Berlin


25 year old girl creating portraits from Germany (Saarland)

Portrait / Schwarz-weiss / Menschen
Europa / Deutschland / Saarland / Saarlouis

Alan Marcheselli 2 510

Call me polaroider Some years ago — never mind how long precisely — having little or no pixel in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on CCD o CMOS sensors, I thought I would...

Konzeptionell / Landscapes / Stimmungen
Europa / Italien / Sassuolo


25 year old girl creating emotional self-portraits & standing in front of a cam from Germany (Saarland)

Nude / Schwarz-weiss / Stimmungen
Europa / Deutschland / Saarland / Saarbrücken


PEGSTARDUST > inspire me or let me inspire you Selfportraits / Filmphotographer / Model www.instagram.com/pegstardust www.instagram.com/pegstardust.35to220 www.twitter.com/pegstardust

Portrait / Performance / Schwarz-weiss
Europa / Schweiz / Aarau

nicole aydemir 170

Love creating strong powerful erotic images. I have 6 months experience. I am enthusiastic and passionate about photography.