"imagination" - Fotografie

Vivienne B 22 41

My works are influenced by Italy’s rich artistic heritage, painting and culture. Each shot is designed around the subject’s face, and it’s full of references to painting and art history. I love...

Portrait / Nude / Fine Art
Europa / Italien / Turin

Julie de Waroquier 10 167

Between dreams and reality, I create pictures which look like they escaped from imagination, which disturb the categories of the material world. The better to get back to our world however, with eyes...

Fine Art / Photomanipulation
Europa / Frankreich / Lyon

Elisa Scascitelli 7 192

My name Elisa, I'm 26 years old, the art for me is very significant. My photography is a blend of various portraiture, fine art, fairytales, conceptual. The photographic fairy tale for me seduces and...

Fine Art / Konzeptionell / Nude
Europa / Italien / Roma

Igor B. Glik 8 220

French painter & photographer, originally from Russia, graduated from Moscow Fine Art School, has been living and working in Paris since 1986. The camera was always his working tool, whereas...

Nude / Mode / Beauty / Fine Art
Europa / Frankreich

Ralph Gräf 5 297

In fall 2006, my scientific career as a cell biologist brought me from Munich to Potsdam near Berlin. Photography has escorted me through my whole adulthood. Yet, it was my move to Potsdam that...

Europa / Deutschland / Brandenburg / Potsdam

Erik Witsoe 3 365

As an artist, observing life around me has always been an intriguing venture and as a foreigner discovering new life in a faraway place lends new depths to my perspective, allowing me to unearth the...

Street / Portrait / Schwarz-weiss
Europa / Polen / Warsaw

dreams / Fine Art  Fotografie von Fotografin Laura Zalenga ★10 | STRKNG

dreams - © Laura Zalenga

Reversed Imagination / Instant-Film  Fotografie von Fotografin Julia Beyer | STRKNG

Reversed Imagination - © Julia Beyer

Friendship is the greatest adventure of all / Fine Art  Fotografie von Fotografin Gina Vasquez ★1 | STRKNG

Friendship is the greatest adventure of all - © Gina Vasquez

Passing Borders of Imagination, in this Magic Bridge/ Torre de Belém / Fine Art  Fotografie von Fotografin Skin Soul ★1 | STRKNG

Passing Borders of Imagination, in this Magic Bridge/ Torre de Belém - © Skin Soul


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