"alone" - Fotografie

Marz 3

As a photographer I can't do anything alone, I am always looking for a partnership who would like to be my model, MUA, wardrobe, studio, agent. I shoot fashion, art, nude, portrait. Photography is...

Nordamerika / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika / California / San Francisco

bildausschnitte.at 1

I am an amateur photographer, from Styria/Austria. I have taken photographs since the age of 14 and in recent years I found my vision for my personal photographic journey. Now I express my vision with...

Europa / Österreich / Kainbach bei Graz

Alberto Montresor 1

Taking a picture is recognizing yourself as a human being: man among men, atom among atoms. The more he clicks the more he approaches that luminous essence that makes him an element of the whole....

Europa / Italien / BELLUNO

Marina Gondra

Since she was young, Marina Gondra already showed her first drawing skills, and at age 15 became interested in the world of photography. In 2006 she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she focused...

Europa / Spanien / Barakaldo

elixier / Stimmungen  Fotografie von Model Muirgen ★58 | STRKNG

elixier - © Muirgen

Slither / Schwarz-weiss  Fotografie von Fotograf Andy Lee ★20 | STRKNG

Slither - © Andy Lee

together / Fine Art  Fotografie von Fotografin Renate Wasinger ★19 | STRKNG

together - © Renate Wasinger

Alone / Nude  Fotografie von Fotograf Axel Correia ★1 | STRKNG

Alone - © Axel Correia
Léa Faux (model)

i alone / Fine Art  Fotografie von Fotograf Andy Lee ★20 | STRKNG

i alone - © Andy Lee

Alone in the City / Everyday  Fotografie von Fotograf el mestiich ★3 | STRKNG

Alone in the City - © el mestiich


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