Facebook Portfolio Page Tab for Photographers, Models, Designers and Brands

Facebook Portfolio Tab

  • With the portfolio tab on the fan page you present your visitors your best work at a glance, without having to search through your timeline or gallery.
  • All major portfolio data from STRKNG will be shown.
  • Free usable for all members.
  • Advanced configuration options for VIPs.
  • You draw attention to your STRKNG profile and can directly get image and portfolio ratings, if your visitors are logged into STRKNG.

Installation help, Portfolio Tab in 2 minutes

  1. You do have a facebook fan page
  2. You are a registered member of STRKNG, you are logged in and you have an activated portfolio with images.
  3. Click on this link and select a page where you want to use the Portfolio Tab

  4. On your facebook the Portfolio Tab appears. Click on it and save the settings.

    Congratulations! You've made it!
    Your STRKNG portfolio is now available in your Facebook page and should display your images.

    (You can always change settings of the Portfolio Tab on STRKNG.)

  5. You can now optionally move the portfolio tab on your Facebook page under "Settings" / "Edit page" and hide other unnecessary tabs. We love you, of course, when you push it all the way up! Thank you very much!


  • Does not work on a mobile phone?
    Unfortunately, Facebook Page Tabs are currently not available on mobile devices.
  • The ratings are visible, even though they are hidden in the settings?
    The visitor is logged in STRKNG and therefore has access to the main functions. Visit the portfolio tab if you're not logged in STRKNG to it to see how other visitors.
  • In the Facebook Portfolio Tab "medium" marked images are not displayed?
    Yes. The policies of Facebook are more stringent, so the app is more restrictive.