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VERA CARLOTTO is a senior Brazilian visual artist in photography . She teaches photography at the Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum - RS - Brazil. In 2012, he held his first solo show called "PORT0NÍRICO", a tribute to the 240 years of Porto Alegre, in room J.B. Scalco do Solar dos Câmara - POA - RS; - 2014 - The image "WALK" was exhibited at Artblend Gallery - Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Brazilian Eyes at Jade Matarazzo Project. - 2015 - Participated in the 1st BIENNIAL CHICO LISBOA- POA - RS, with images from the series "WRITTEN WORD". - The image "MERCADO" was part of the collective "20X20 and Other Formats" in the GALLERY BOLSA DE ARTE of Porto Alegre - RS. - 2016 - July - With images from the series "WRITTEN WORD", participated in the Festival of Contemporary Art, PARATISSIMA LISBOA in Portugal - November - Participated with the “SILENCE and ARIDITY” image of the MOSAICOGRAPHY Project in Porto Alegre - RS. From November 2016 to January 15, 2017 he held an individual exhibition with " SIDEWALKS -MEMOIRS AND PULSATION in the black rooms of the MARGS (Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul- RS- Brazil).
"For me photography is art.I use photography as a medium on which I try to express a poetic narrative.And for that, I need to delve into the interior and connect with the photographable.I have an immense need to interfere in the photographic act , Whether by electronic means or not.It allows me to construct slow images and escape from an aesthetic of the snapshot. I breath art and I do not recognize myself in any other way. "

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