Stephan Amm


Europe / Germany / Bayern / Kronach

Wildlife / Wedding / Landscapes

Photographer male / 45

Maggie at the kitchen table / 2013-09-18

Maggie at the kitchen table - © Stephan Amm

Parnassius apollo

Parnassius apollo - © Stephan Amm

Kirkjufell / 2013-03-05

Kirkjufell - © Stephan Amm


Blizzard - © Stephan Amm

Les poèmes fondent sous la pluie / 2015-03-11

Les poèmes fondent sous la pluie - © Stephan Amm

The Nights Without You / 2016-03-13

The Nights Without You - © Stephan Amm


Silence - © Stephan Amm

the morning after the rain

the morning after the rain - © Stephan Amm

Nightfall Owl / 2015-06-01

Nightfall Owl - © Stephan Amm


Baroque - © Stephan Amm


Cheers! - © Stephan Amm

Temple of Love

Temple of Love - © Stephan Amm

Born 1972 in Kronach, Upper Franconia, Germany, guided by his father through the local flora and fauna,
many sunday hikes led to different areas in his homeland Franconia.
Daddy’s Leica was always with them, so photography became an early field of interest.
During his student days he bought his first own reflex camera an started developing his first monochrome films
in his improvised photo laboratory. After interesting years living in big cities there was more and more a burning desire
to spend the free time in in natural surroundings, so his next step was to settle back to his rural shaped hometown.
Later it proved to be the perfect compensation for his work as a pharmacist and he realized photography is his genuine vocation.
By now he covers all fields of nature photography always focused on outstanding and full of atmosphere views.
Most of his photographs emerge in the different natural regions of Franconia and are worldwide published
in professional journals, books, calendars, at national and international contests.
In 2014 he started self-employment as Photographer, nature still as core theme, architecture and reportage are other fields of work.