Photographer Organization

Silent lakes

Silent lakes - © DewFrame


Shapeshift - © DewFrame

Il vento d'autunno vagabondaggio

Il vento d'autunno vagabondaggio - © DewFrame

Sais-je ou

Sais-je ou - © DewFrame

They were waylaying

They were waylaying - © DewFrame

The same breath

The same breath - © DewFrame

Dragon's head

Dragon's head - © DewFrame

Heartfelt story on the tape

Heartfelt story on the tape - © DewFrame

Fragments of dreams quintessence

Fragments of dreams quintessence - © DewFrame

Photostories, creative works and exciting the curiosity things under the dew sign. "It's a small creative team led by two photographers - Iliya Yagodinsky and Elena Kozlova working together to explore unseen something in the space around and show up with own feeling. They sure each person have a secret place in soul of where can hide really touching and emotive things. Photography is the good key for that because has all the hallmarks of both the transcendental substance and the pure realism. Both authors was brought up with a significant impact of the world art and russian cultural background, so graduated humanities just to figure this out. And still continuing. So it's kind of refraction and focusing, combination of marks and moods which sometimes even converted into images."