Photographer female

The body (devoid of any self-referential sign) makes itself cipher of all bodies, in its self-exploration it becomes archetype by forgetting its own subjectivity; it claims the extreme humiliation of being secluded within an unique and sexed body and, at the same time, our own nature of fragility in both flesh and spirit. The body in all its metamorphoses, in its acceptance of the pain eagerly demanded by every sloughing; becoming aware of the space and time needed to “change skin”, to start the inevitable mutations due to every scar's blessing. Thought communicates with the body and writes its own emotions on it, by incessantly retrieving contents from the memory. Every body is memory, and this memory becomes so stratified that each act of ours is inevitably bound to memories which stay within the body, unassailable, although our conscious though tries to annihilate them. While the mind acts by cognition and removal, the body does not forget anything and keeps in its cells every event, every thought, every look, every word. Therefore, the idiom of the body is the inexplicable language of memory.

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