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What is STRKNG?

  • STRKNG is a Photography Gallery
  • STRKNG is a compact showroom for photographers, models, designers and brands
  • STRKNG is and remains free in its basic version
  • The concept is quality rather than quantity.
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How does this help me?

  • It's easy and quick: Once you put your stuff in, then you're done. If you have a better image in a few weeks, you can replace a weak one.
  • You will automatically be listed in different categories and locations. (Example: wedding photographers near Berlin )
  • Great images will automatically be featured (Insta, FB, Pinterest ...) and will later go into our Online Magazine .
  • You are in good company. Look around!

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STRKNG is designed for advanced photography participants.

Anyone can join, but the quality and the demands on photography are quite high due to the expertise of many participants.

Other works are likely to slip through the grid, remain rather invisible and are not featured.
Take a look around and decide for yourself whether your work will fit.
But STRKNG should also be an incentive to be inspired and grow together, so do not give up!

The portal is also a place to develop your own skills and from time to time upload the new "better" masterpieces.

Model newcomer:
A high quality portfolio is mandatory, please no mobile snapshots ...
Find a good photographer in the circle of friends or acquaintances and put yourself well in scene.
Completing the model portfolio completely increases the likelihood of getting in touch with experienced people.
STRKNG does not provide jobs, but it's a good place to get in touch with the right people and get discovered with great work.

Attention: STRKNG is not a dating site! Dubious behavior leads to immediate exclusion.