"shades" - photography

Dmitry Baev 4 266

My name is Dmitry Baev and I’m from Odessa, Ukraine. I got started in photography in 2013. My passion for Dutch painting and Impressionism always pushes me to use the principles of achieving...

Portrait / Fine Art / People
Europe / Ukraine / Odesa

Adrienne Ylva 2 779

Living in a gentle way in shades of grey. Hearing her own silence. The restored emotions of Adrienne Ylva, one sentiment being... the alter ego of Marija Cholkova and Anja Nikikj.

Europe / Macedonia

Alberto Montresor 1 1101

Taking a picture is recognizing yourself as a human being: man among men, atom among atoms. The more he clicks the more he approaches that luminous essence that makes him an element of the whole....

People / Fashion / Beauty / Portrait
Europe / Italy / BELLUNO

Shades / Fashion / Beauty  photography by Photographer Samanta ★1 | STRKNG

Shades - © Samanta

Between the grass / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Risu ★2 | STRKNG

Between the grass - © Risu

Aja in Tokyo / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Risu ★2 | STRKNG

Aja in Tokyo - © Risu
Model: Aja Jane

The Priestess / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Risu ★2 | STRKNG

The Priestess - © Risu
Eelin Stefansson

JEANNI. / Portrait  photography by Photographer Robert Landes ★11 | STRKNG

JEANNI. - © Robert Landes
Model: Jeanni Mulder

Fruit / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Risu ★2 | STRKNG

Fruit - © Risu


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