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A noted Architecture and Interior Photographer, Eleanor has been based in Shanghai since late 2008. Her work has appeared in Interior Architecture of China, Interior Design, Forbes Life China, China...

Asia / China / Shanghai

(insert religious reference here) / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Alexandru Crisan ★13 | STRKNG

(insert religious reference here) - © Alexandru Crisan

Ghost Town in India by Siddharth Raghuvanshi - Blog post by Photographer Siddharth / 2020-07-24 10:53
Death over survival / Conceptual / abandonedplaces,traveldiary,blackandwhite,india,photography
Death over survival
King of ruins / Abandoned places / abandoned,traveldiary,india,dhanushkodi,ruins,blackandwhite
King of ruins
Life with thorns / Abandoned places / ruins,abandonedplaces,traveldiary,india,blackandwhite
Life with thorns
Standing strong / Landscapes / abandonedplaces,traveldiary,ruins,barronland,india,blackandwhite,photography
Standing strong
Ruined / Abandoned places / Dhanushkodi,abandonedplaces,ruins,india,blackandwhite,photography,traveldiary
Framed / Abandoned places / Ruins,abandonedplaces,streetphotography,india,blackandwhite,traveldiary
Ruined water tank at Dhanushkodi, India / Abandoned places / Abandoned,ruins,photography,india,dhanushkodi
Ruined water tank at Dhanushkodi, India
Bushes at Dhanushkodi, India / Fine Art / bushes,abandoned,ruins,india,blackandwhite,photography
Bushes at Dhanushkodi, India
Driftwood in Dhanushkodi, India / Abandoned places / Ruins,abandonedplaces,landscape,photography,traveldiary
Driftwood in Dhanushkodi, India


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