Mood  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

- © GeoffM Photo

Wooden Lighthouse. Burnham-on-Sea / Waterscapes  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Wooden Lighthouse. Burnham-on-Sea - © GeoffM Photo

Misty Morning / Mood  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Misty Morning - © GeoffM Photo

Marine Pool / Fine Art  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Marine Pool - © GeoffM Photo

Mist over lake / Mood  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Mist over lake - © GeoffM Photo

Black windmill / Fine Art  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Black windmill - © GeoffM Photo

Hand in hand / Street  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Hand in hand - © GeoffM Photo

Canal fog / Mood  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Canal fog - © GeoffM Photo

Canal / Mood  photography by Photographer GeoffM Photo | STRKNG

Canal - © GeoffM Photo

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Rule Of Thirds


The image seen here is very old. It was used in a lecture to demonstrate the principle of the Rule of Thirds. This is a device to aid composition; to make photographs more appealing whether they be fashion, landscape, portrait or any others of the various sub-genres of photography.

It is, or was, one of the conventions of photography but does it, or indeed any of the time-honoured principles, still have a place in the photographer’s armoury?

Peak Saturation

Photography, or, if you like, imaging, has reached peak saturation. We are inundated by images beyond counting every day of our lives. From the phone in our pocket to the high end mirror-less marvels of technology, the means are there to document our lives in glorious colour or stark black and white. Why should we concern ourselves with the niceties that belong in a bygone age?

Down At The Camera Club

Local camera clubs still exist and indeed some thrive. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t, but do they do anything to further the cause of photography as we appreciate and enjoy it today? They help beginners understand the exposure triangle and impart to them the knowledge to make better images. That’s a good thing, yet this writer can’t help thinking that we have moved on from the medium being a speciality hobby to being a truly integral part of our lives: We even post pictures of our lunch and receive the modern equivalent of a minor medal in the form of ‘likes’ from our peers.

There must be dozens, probably more, of excellent photographers who deliver content on YouTube. Many of them are great, entertaining and informative. Others are lacklustre and who seem unable to move from the norm. Few take risks: Perhaps some of the Street exponents will push at the edges of the envelope but others seem stuck in convention.

It’s true that we can learn a lot from the photographers who have gone before. William Eggleston is one such who broke the rules; it’s sometimes hard to grasp exactly the meaning of his work and that’s what makes him special; Stephen Shore is another, but isn’t it also true that when we look back we admire the work of legendary photographers as we would a history. It has to be like that because the world has moved on.

Breaking The Rules

Should we then break the rules? In life, probably yes, in this modern world, but what about photography? Well, yes to that too: It’s how we document our lives. Everything, everywhere, all of the time has been photographed twice; what then can we do to make our images stand out from the many millions of shots made daily around the globe.

There is nothing at all wrong with well composed conventional shots; that’s not the point. The point is that we should also tear down the temples to Victorian photographic ideals and the compositional art devices that have been set in stone deeper than Excalibur. It no longer matters. It is only by trial and error will we produce photographs that make others look twice and think, ‘You know, I rather like that. It’s original’.

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