thomas strauss photography 6

Born in 1958 in Berlin and having grown up there, I’ve now been living in Switzerland in the canton of Grisons since 1991. I learned the craft of photography in my youth from my father. Since then...

Europe / Switzerland / Chur

Walter Eckardt 8

It's all about the picture. I am not watching, I am not shooting. I am using light and light to draw and paint visions, realized in performances of a model and a camera. Pictures in color,...

Europe / Germany / Bayern / München

Holger Orf 5

Ein Autodidakt. Die Einfachheit des Lebens zieht mich an. Einfach Tun, einfach Leben! Mit großer Freude fokussiert auf mein Lebensgefühl.

Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Mannheim