131)  downward trend, before 130

un petit miracle 3 131

Seit 2014 stehe ich gelegentlich vor der Linse weil es mir einfach Spass macht auch mal in andere Rollen zu schlüpfen .. melancholische Stimmungen einfangen zu lassen oder mich einfach neu zu...

Nude / Portrait / Abstract
Europe / Germany / Sachsen / Leipzig

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Irina Ioana Samoila 2 133

Hello, I am Irina I live in Madrid and I love to travel and everything that is Art. I will be in Poland from the 16 till 19 of February and I would love to work with some photographers from there.

Nude / Fine Art / Black and White

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Manchesbythesea 2 135

I am a freelance model and my work is related in the field of fashion, art projects, erotic photography.

Portrait / People
Europe / Bulgaria / Sofia

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Lia X 2 137

Cologne based riot girl. Artist by nature, model by choice. I like it loud and crazy, radical and sexy. I like it soft and simple, passionate and gloomy. I like it all. I want it all....

Black and White
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Köln

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elysianmay 2 139

alternative hobbyist model. 25 piercings, ever changing hair due to wigs. Not a fan of studios, preferring outdoors and unusual shots.

Europe / United Kingdom / Chippenham

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annerosenbaum 140

Instagram @annerosenbaum I'm a full time model living in Berlin but love to travel for shootings to other cities or countries as well. Making my living out of modelling l found a job I really love...

Nude / Fine Art / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Berlin