Manuel Alt 3

Photographer based in Germany and in Galicia, Spain. Big passion for film photography.

Europe / Germany / Saarbrücken, Fisterra

Bruno Colli 1

Freelance photographer. Fashion, stage, portraits, landscapes. Some art.

South America / Brazil / Uberlândia

Cordula Kelle-Dingel 2

I just love to be in nature and discover , I love to watch animals and people and capture what I see with my camera. My eyes and curiosity are more important than my gear...... Based in the...

Europe / Germany / Bayern / Pressig

Carlos Navarro 7

Carlos Navarro FineArt Photographer & Printer #portrait | #fashion | #giclée | #fineartprint | #fineartnude | #fashionnude | #streetmood | #places

South America / Argentina / CABA