photographer, located near Cologne and Düsseldorf, 60 years old. My studio is in Solingen, Clemensgalerien. Here ýou can also see my exhibition of awarded pictures. Open each saturday 11:00..14:00

Europa / Deutschland / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Leverkusen

Patrick Mayr

I discovered photography through my father. He taught me the basics of the art of photography and also of photo technology. Thanks to him I had early access to professional equipment and was able to...

Europa / Deutschland / Bayern / München

Makbet666 2

My name is Jacek Moszej (Makbet666) . Photography is my passion, that started with a purchase of my first camera. I am a self-taught photographer, everything i know about photography, I?ve learned...

Nordamerika / Kanada / mississauga