Peyman Naderi


Asien / Iran / Tehran

Fotograf männlich / 28
Oblivion / Fine Art  Fotografie von Fotograf Peyman Naderi ★1 | STRKNG

Oblivion - © Peyman Naderi

The Dark Violinist / Fine Art  Fotografie von Fotograf Peyman Naderi ★1 | STRKNG

The Dark Violinist - © Peyman Naderi

Peyman Naderi


Peyman Naderi is a Persian contemporary fine art and portrait
photographer born in 1990. He is a self-taught photographer who started
his first professional projects in the year 2013. As he began his career as
a professional photographer, his first motto was to create original and
creative photos through which his own perceptions of the world and art
could be understood. Also, he is eager to represent a unique way of
looking at various concepts in the world.
“Concept” is one of the most important parts of his photography
projects, and Peyman tries to spend enough time and energy on finding
the right concept. To create and discover the right idea he usually listen
to classical music during his free time or at nights. Such high-quality
music can inspire him and help him to concentrate on finding ways to
present the world in ways that he sees. Besides, the colors that he uses in
his photos create the illusion of a painting, and, hence, most people
usually mistake his works as paintings.
Peyman has received several awards including Gold In Moscow
International Foto Awards 2019 in Portfolio Category, Bronze In Fine
Art Photography Awards 2019 In Fine Art Category, and Also Peyman
has been chosen as a 100 Great Photographers of 2018 and also Took
2nd Place In Conceptual Photo In 35Awards 2018, and also he has been
Winner in Chromatic Awards, ND Awards, Tokyo International Foto
Awards, PX3 and International Photography Awards and V Concurso
International De Fotografía ‘Alicante’ 2019. His work has been
published in international publications including Harper’s Bazaar
Magazine, Elléments Magazine, Scorpio Jin Magazine and The Last
Exhibition was In Ontario, 2019 CONTACT Photography Festival.