Yoram Roth


Europe / Germany / Berlin / Berlin

Nude / Fine Art

Photographer male

Katja and Dia's Back

Katja and Dia's Back - © Yoram Roth

Brunhilde beobachtet Gunther

Brunhilde beobachtet Gunther - © Yoram Roth

Sheri, Light Set / 2015-09-29

Sheri, Light Set - © Yoram Roth

Zoi with Book / 2015-09-29

Zoi with Book - © Yoram Roth

Roarie with Flower

Roarie with Flower - © Yoram Roth


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Yoram Roth is a fine art photographer living and working in his hometown, Berlin Germany. Roth creates fine art images as well as photo book projects. His work uses the language and tools of commercial and fashion photography to play with story elements, and to engage the viewer in images that require a level of personal interpretation.

His work relies on creating pieces made of steel, acrylics, and paper. The cropped areas are recessed into steel frames, surrounded by matte acrylic diasec.