Volen Evtimov

Europe / Germany / Bayern / Immenstadt


Photographer male

Children's room

Children's room - © Volen Evtimov

Eating space in a shopping center

Eating space in a shopping center - © Volen Evtimov

A modern art staircase

A modern art staircase - © Volen Evtimov


Spaceship - © Volen Evtimov

Night club 2

Night club 2 - © Volen Evtimov

With a view to a harbor

With a view to a harbor - © Volen Evtimov

A night club

A night club - © Volen Evtimov

A fine club

A fine club - © Volen Evtimov

Bowling club

Bowling club - © Volen Evtimov


One day I was at the street - the printing house I’ve worked for as a prepress and
layout specialist for 12 years closed.
I’ve decided to be a freelance photographer.
Until that time photography was only my hobby. I’ve succeded in couple of years to build a steady business in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I felt in love with a Bavarian lady
and moved to Immenstadt im Allgäu.
Now I’m starting all over with a lot more experience and enthusiasm.

Interior photography
is one of my best fields. Enjoy!