Valeria Schettino


Europe / Italy / Naples

Fashion / Beauty / Portrait / People

Photographer female

The virgin suicides / 2017-02-02

The virgin suicides - © Valeria Schettino


Underwater - © Valeria Schettino

painting with shadows

painting with shadows - © Valeria Schettino


Mermaid - © Valeria Schettino


Freackles - © Valeria Schettino

In a fairy tale

In a fairy tale - © Valeria Schettino

I'm Valeria 23 years old Italian girl. I currently live in Malaga, Spain.
I studied at the University of Naples digital communication, where I graduated in 2015. In 2016 I studied photography in Perugia (NID), where I won a scholarship, where I learned to use artificial lights and I tried various photographic styles: from reportage to still life.
The photographic style that best represents me is undoubtedly the portrait and fashion, through which I can express myself. I like to tell stories, but with words I have never been good.
Since I discovered photography I feel I have learned a lot about myself and my
surroundings. I am inspired by books, movies, art and all that I see and hear.