Thomas Leong


Asia / Singapore / Singapore

Black and White

Photographer male

Isosaki Jinja / 2015-09-24

Isosaki Jinja - © Thomas Leong

Life on Remnants / 2015-10-01

Life on Remnants - © Thomas Leong

Tsunami Barrier / 2015-09-30

Tsunami Barrier - © Thomas Leong

Shirahige Jinja / 2015-10-01

Shirahige Jinja - © Thomas Leong

Guided Walls / 2015-09-30

Guided Walls - © Thomas Leong

Meoto Iwa / 2015-09-29

Meoto Iwa - © Thomas Leong

Sagano Bamboo Forest / 2015-10-02

Sagano Bamboo Forest - © Thomas Leong

Fish Nets / 2015-10-01

Fish Nets - © Thomas Leong

Abandon Jetty / 2015-10-01

Abandon Jetty - © Thomas Leong

Thomas Leong was born on May 1977 and raised in Ipoh, Malaysia but currently residing in Singapore permanently with his wife and 2 children. A landscape photographer which emphasize on minimalistic black and white with using long exposure technique.

Revealing the world layer by layer is Thomas Leong's photographic philosophy. His drive to uncover the unnoticeable moments of our perception on the environment has led him to develop a unique style that reflects the adage; " Everything flows, nothing stands still". The process of turning the non-instantaneous events that otherwise pass unseen, into a tangible visuals; "It is like turning back a page to reveal a world that was not visually experienced by the naked eyes".

Thomas Leong's photography is about distilling a scene with simple framing to highlight the meaning behind each image and evoke viewers emotion to share the experience of that place.