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silence / 2016-01-30

silence - © P T F P


shutterstuck - © P T F P

cold / 2015-12-24

cold - © P T F P
Fox Family

⚡ / 2016-01-30

⚡ - © P T F P

tether / 2015-12-24

tether - © P T F P
Fox Family

inject / 2015-12-24

inject - © P T F P
Fox Family

think too much, feel too little / 2015-12-24

think too much, feel too little - © P T F P
Fox Family

translucent / 2015-12-24

translucent - © P T F P
Fox Family

plight / 2015-12-24

plight - © P T F P
Fox Family


We are Carisse and Benjamin Urquhart
Husband and wife, visual storytellers, and lovers of all things love.

We live and breathe photography. It's in our spirits and blood. Our passion permeates from within our core, inspired by love and artistic creativity and driven by human emotion. We pride ourselves in going against the grain, and reject the overused and clichéd methods used by traditional photographers.

We refuse to let our photography lie to you.

We're all about shooting honestly and intimately. You won't find us spending a half hour posing and contorting your limbs in an unnatural fashion. It's unlikely that you'll see us with an intricate flash or tripod setup. We'll never watermark our captures or artificially smooth flaws.

You're perfect as you are. And we're guerrilla.

Let's shoot.
Carisse & Benjamin
➳ hello@peterthefoxphotography.com