O fotografo casual

South America / Brazil

Black and White / Nature

Photographer male


SEM DESTINO - © O fotografo casual


Ruins - © O fotografo casual


Sunset - © O fotografo casual

Sunset / 2015-07-28

Sunset - © O fotografo casual

Road to nowhere / 2015-07-07

Road to nowhere - © O fotografo casual

The trees / 2015-07-24

The trees - © O fotografo casual

The wall

The wall - © O fotografo casual

I am Portuguese , currently living in Brazil , to be more precise in Northeast Brazil . For several years living in London , and this opportunity to meet different cultures, he brought forth in me the desire to record places and events through photography. However the coming and going of the great city left all these years asleep realize the dream of this . Today brought the consequences of life, ie health , I found this hobby one to entertain my day to day ; and little by little I am increasingly fond of this world images.