Photographer male / 64

Richard Glenn / 2015-09-01

Richard Glenn - © Nigel Maudsley

Absence / 2015-06-03

Absence - © Nigel Maudsley

City Guy / 2016-01-14

City Guy - © Nigel Maudsley

Men on a Groyne / 2016-02-01

Men on a Groyne - © Nigel Maudsley

In my Arms

In my Arms - © Nigel Maudsley

Nigel Maudsley is a Brighton based free-lance photographer and artist whose work explores representations of sexuality, the body and identity. His work crosses many genres such as portraiture, landscape and short experimental films. Until July 2008 he worked for London Metropolitan University as the Post Graduate Coordinator and wrote an MA in Photography. His experimental film 'Chance Encounter' used photographs within a 3D environment and was screened at 12 international film festivals

Since he moved to Brighton from London UK much of his work has explores the relationship of the human form and psyche to the sea.