Photographer male / 47

Tc Tolliver

Tc Tolliver - © Marc

Cardii in Schwerte, Nightshooting

Cardii in Schwerte, Nightshooting - © Marc

Jules & Cat

Jules & Cat - © Marc


awaiting... - © Marc
Pat. P.


Pose - © Marc

The 16-Corner Moon

The 16-Corner Moon - © Marc
Model: Candy

Steffi Headshot

Steffi Headshot - © Marc
Visa: Melanie Draeger

Frozen Stolichnaya Headshot

Frozen Stolichnaya Headshot - © Marc

Whites / 2015-02-10

Whites - © Marc
Model: Patricia

Marc Mennigmann (born 1970) worked as a session musician in the 1990s and founded two companies which both still exist.
He started photography for fun in the new millennium using medium format film and a Lomo camera. Later he switched to digital photography, covering everything landscapes and animals to people and product photography.
Currently his main interest is taking portraits and, due he is still an active musician himself, shooting musicians on stage.