Manuel Succi

Europe / Italy / Rome

Fashion / Beauty / Conceptual / Nude

Photographer male


Lines-shape-people - © Manuel Succi

happy family

happy family - © Manuel Succi

Shadow & light

Shadow & light - © Manuel Succi

Angel on rooftop_03

Angel on rooftop_03 - © Manuel Succi


Layers - © Manuel Succi

Shadow & Light

Shadow & Light - © Manuel Succi

Right there in the middle

Right there in the middle - © Manuel Succi

Angel on rooftop_01

Angel on rooftop_01 - © Manuel Succi

Angel on rooftop_02

Angel on rooftop_02 - © Manuel Succi

Photography is my passion.
I'm inspired by cinema and the great photographer.
I photograph what i love, portrait of woman, urban reality, nature everything attract my curiosity.
I shoot only with analogue camera b/w photos and through the process of the darkroom i make gelatin silver print.