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Dance like nobody's watching / 2017-02-15

Dance like nobody's watching - © Lightfreak

Rocking the Outfit / 2017-02-04

Rocking the Outfit - © Lightfreak
Pauline Körner

Blue Trail / 2017-02-28

Blue Trail - © Lightfreak

Soft Hair / 2017-02-08

Soft Hair - © Lightfreak

Profile with Palms / 2017-01-20

Profile with Palms - © Lightfreak
Fabienne Gambouletti

Scarf Day / 2017-01-13

Scarf Day - © Lightfreak

I am a portrait and fashion photographer based near Freiburg, Germany, and I have a bit of an obsession with light. It's fascinating what it can do to change a person's face, or the mood of a picture. I also have a budding blog and Youtube channel where I explore and explain different ways of shaping both available and artificial light.