Irene Cruz


Europe / Germany / Berlin / Berlin

Fine Art / Landscapes

Photographer female

Nebel I

Nebel I - © Irene Cruz

What Dreams Are Made Of

What Dreams Are Made Of - © Irene Cruz

Mär II

Mär II - © Irene Cruz

Seele VII - Inner Tales

Seele VII - Inner Tales - © Irene Cruz

The Muses

The Muses - © Irene Cruz

Urlaub VIII

Urlaub VIII - © Irene Cruz

The Muses

The Muses - © Irene Cruz

The Muses

The Muses - © Irene Cruz

Seele VI - Inner Tales

Seele VI - Inner Tales - © Irene Cruz

Her artwork is about mystery, privacy, integration with the landscape ... She works away from customisation to represent universal emotions and feelings.
Another distinguishing feature is the light, a light of sunset, a cold light ...that's "her pantone", Irene always feels a very big attraction to that natural enviroments dim and intimate, subdued, serene, enveloping the stage. Rarely she shows faces in her photos.
The main key is what means the word "liminal" (referring to a position of an initial stage of a process, or be on both sides of a boundary or threshold)... are between day and night, between the tranquility and restlessness. Is not a limit. It is a road, a bridge.
Nature is everything.