Hendrik Krönert

Europe / Fürth

Nude / Portrait

Photographer male

Smell of Innocence - 1 / 2017-06-16

Smell of Innocence - 1 - © Hendrik Krönert
Tanja Renkel

Smell of Innocence - 2 / 2017-06-16

Smell of Innocence - 2 - © Hendrik Krönert
Tanja Renkel

Table Nudes: Elena

Table Nudes: Elena - © Hendrik Krönert
Elena Helfrecht

Table Nudes: Angelina

Table Nudes: Angelina - © Hendrik Krönert

wild at heart

wild at heart - © Hendrik Krönert

human candlestick

human candlestick - © Hendrik Krönert

Table Nudes: Yoga Edition - II

Table Nudes: Yoga Edition - II - © Hendrik Krönert


Angelina - © Hendrik Krönert

I was born 1975 in Erlangen, Germany. My interest for photography began in 2006 when I joined deviantART, where my then spouse showed her artworks. In the following months I got more and more attracted to photography. The wish arose in me to be creative as well and I bought my first camera and since then some others followed. In 2009 I started photographing models, for the beginning portrait and fashion pictures, but I was very fascinated by nude photography since the beginning of my photographic journey.

I want to show people as they are. Pure. Without make up and without disguise. Except when I have special ideas. Strength and vulnerability of a person are displayed best this way in my opinion. Also are wrinkles and scars something that belong to a person, they tell stories of the persons life. Clothes distract from the essential. For some ideas and series I use disguise and masks wittingly though to provoke and to make the viewer thoughtful.