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The Breakwater Shuffle / 2010-07-27

The Breakwater Shuffle - © Andy Freer

Cold Ridge / 2012-02-05

Cold Ridge - © Andy Freer

The Creeping Woods / 2014-04-05

The Creeping Woods - © Andy Freer

Third Rock From The Shore

Third Rock From The Shore - © Andy Freer

Dragons Teeth in the Falls / 2013-11-16

Dragons Teeth in the Falls - © Andy Freer

A Dead Rose, Love's Lost Token / 2016-07-20

A Dead Rose, Love's Lost Token - © Andy Freer


Scrap - © Andy Freer

A Dim View / 2010-06-20

A Dim View - © Andy Freer

Memories of the Sea / 2010-05-30

Memories of the Sea - © Andy Freer

My main areas of photography are street photography, film, landscape, long exposure, and urban.

Street Photography has become more mainstay for my photography recently and it's amazing how quickly a city will change, over time it becomes more obvious reviewing old images.

I love long exposure photography as the resulting image can give you a real sense of a time and the moment. To some extent so does street but it’s more invasive. My preference has leaned to the monochrome of late and I am really enjoying seeing light rather than colour.