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the end.

the end. - © =★=
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Addiction - © =★=
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 / 2016-05-10

- © =★=
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she. - © =★=
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no longer

no longer - © =★=
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衍生 ; Derivative

衍生 ; Derivative - © =★=
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Empty emotion" II

Empty emotion" II - © =★=

Made In Taiwan.

From taking photos of myself, using myself as a starting point to deliver ideals and thoughts and I learn to understand the differences among us, since “I” includes you, she, and he and all of us can see part of ourselves in others.
My photography is not to show anything specific, but to tell the attitude towards life. I care when my images are misunderstood, but this is the way I chose to express myself.

We all want an outlet for life, but sometimes are so helpless.
I photograph myself partially because of lacking of confidence. I photograph all kinds of things in daily life, including the moments I hurt myself.

We need to stay objective and love. We’re all fundamentally the same and don’t let discrimination live in our hearts and drive us away from each other.