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Photographer male / 57

The Pain of Life

The Pain of Life - © peterallert1

Trace of Pandora

Trace of Pandora - © peterallert1

talk to my soul

talk to my soul - © peterallert1


REFLECTION - © peterallert1


DARK STREAM - © peterallert1

Spirit of Black Eyes

Spirit of Black Eyes - © peterallert1

Moonshine Love

Moonshine Love - © peterallert1

Moment of Mourning

Moment of Mourning - © peterallert1

Eyes Wide Shut...

Eyes Wide Shut... - © peterallert1

The German Artist & Photographer Peter Allert has made his studies of Biology-Chemistry, Technical, and Scientific-Photography at the Munich Technical University and Ludwig-Maximilian's-University Munich.
He was firstly a scientist photographer before becoming passion for art and advertising photography, and created in partnership in Munich the Allert & Hoess Photography company.
Since 2012 Peter Allert's photography actually is artistic. His works now are altogether advanced elaborations.
His technique in photography in general, which he has developed and further developed:
For the art part, his technique of creation is quite complex : He takes its motives under different types of exhibitions with lighting (DEDO Lights) that he fix for each angle and adds various configurations and he is working with multiple exposures and long exposure. He loves the available light, which he usually only supplemented, but not infrequently used as the main light.
Peter Allert’s technical photograph is very studied, mixture of poetry and expression of the soul of the human, the light, the colors, the angle of view, the game blur, and the (extended) exposure time, all are working together to bring out the emotions.
Choosing special film materials for exposing how Polagraph and Polachrome (POLAROID), but other otherwise rarely used ‘BLACK & WHITE’ films, give its Analogue Photography a touch of haunting and unforgotten… which leaves its traces in the soul of the viewer!
So most of my work has been realized with analog photography. After the pictures were in the lab was lying exposed on photo paper and elaborated here. Often it also old method of use ... such example came 'Bromoil printing'.
Finally, the exhibits were scanned with high resolution and refined. Important in this a sophisticated and special digital workflow is to get too the analog and original character from the early days of photography.