Photographer male / 38

House By The Water / 2014-12-07

House By The Water - © Sonny Walker Photography

Providence Condo's / 2013-07-16

Providence Condo's - © Sonny Walker Photography

Roger Williams Park / 2013-07-19

Roger Williams Park - © Sonny Walker Photography

James "Sonny" Walker was born in Liberia, then relocated to RI in his adolescent years (during Liberia's civil war). He went on to high school and college in RI. Self taught, he picked up photography some years ago. His style of photography includes: Hyper-graphics, varying angles, and contrasting environments. His subject matter includes persons of interest and our ever changing social landscape. Peering through his lens is like using your heart and mind to be transported to a sanctuary, where place and time isn't contained -releasing all self containing resistance.