Photographe de Sherbrooke


North America / Canada / Sherbrooke

Black and White / Portrait / Still life

Photographer male

Olga by Jean-François Dupuis / 2015-11-02

Olga by Jean-François Dupuis - © Photographe de Sherbrooke


Astronaut - © Photographe de Sherbrooke

Factory by Jean-François Dupuis / 2014-12-12

Factory by Jean-François Dupuis - © Photographe de Sherbrooke

Gaz station / 2015-10-28

Gaz station - © Photographe de Sherbrooke

Hit on the road / 2015-04-27

Hit on the road - © Photographe de Sherbrooke

Portrait par Jean-François Dupuis / 2014-02-01

Portrait par Jean-François Dupuis - © Photographe de Sherbrooke

Jean-François Dupuis Artist Statement: I have worked as an advertising photographer for years. Now I'm concentrating on fineart photography using the computer and printing on a wideformat inkjet printer with pigmented inks for archival quality. After an initial excitement about the effects produced by the computer, I am now paring down my technique to achieve a more subtle atmosphere that does not veer away too much from a purely photographic end result. Using the computer has become a method of convenience and greater control more than a means to create otherworldly images that betray a mere fascination with the available technology. I am now returning to a more rudimentary understanding and examination of subject matter. In simplifying my photography I let the subject reveal itself more readily than if I were trying to layer the work with unnecessary meaning. There is now a general trend among fineart photographers and artists in general to go back to older processes and techniques, and this is finding a healthy echo among the viewing public and art buyers. The modes of presentation of art have also increased, so that exposing your work and being exposed to the work of others have never been easier.