Photographer male / 38

Touched by God

Touched by God - © Jurgistan


Marie - © Jurgistan

Code Red

Code Red - © Jurgistan

Sofa Grunge 1

Sofa Grunge 1 - © Jurgistan

Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here? - © Jurgistan

Hang in there!

Hang in there! - © Jurgistan


iWatch - © Jurgistan

Central Station

Central Station - © Jurgistan

The plumber's wife

The plumber's wife - © Jurgistan

Alternative, Nude & Conceptual Photography.

2018-01-06 07:49 

I'm looking for nude models (m/f) and MUA's both TFP, for a photo series with international exposure. We'll be shooting controversial, confronting and socially critical scenes as metaphors for human vs the environment. The photo's will first be exhibited as contribution to a documentary by a new New York based collective, raising awareness and support for the cleanup of the town of Tulum, Mexico. Potential gains made through auctions or sales from these photo's will go completely and directly to the project. Because there is no payment provided, everybody involved will be clearly credited on all showings. These exhibitions will be scheduled in New York, L.A., Mexico City, Tulum (obviously), here in Berlin and probably many more cities... Get in touch for more info!