Fernando Alda


Europe / Spain / Sevilla


Photographer male

C4. Contemporary Art Center in Córdoba / 2013-02-25

C4. Contemporary Art Center in Córdoba - © Fernando Alda

House in Santa Bárbara / 2009-03-05

House in Santa Bárbara - © Fernando Alda

Extension of Cerrillo de Macarena School / 2015-01-16

Extension of Cerrillo de Macarena School - © Fernando Alda

Real Madrid Residence / 2013-08-27

Real Madrid Residence - © Fernando Alda

Biomuseo in Panamá / 2014-10-06

Biomuseo in Panamá - © Fernando Alda

Cake Shop Pomme Sucre / 2009-10-07

Cake Shop Pomme Sucre - © Fernando Alda

Gastromium Restaurant / 2008-10-15

Gastromium Restaurant - © Fernando Alda

Iberê Camargo Museum / 2008-05-31

Iberê Camargo Museum - © Fernando Alda

Water Museum in Lanjarón / 2010-09-29

Water Museum in Lanjarón - © Fernando Alda

Born in Aranjuez (Spain) in 1958 and based in Seville since 1986, he has worked as a professional photographer since 1981 and, particularly, specialized in Architectural and Infrastructure Photography since 1987.

His studio is formed by professionals working alongside him on a high quality level in the whole process of analogical and digital image treatment and its final presentation. This material belongs to a file containing thousands of projects in Spain, most of them have been digitized and are frecuently consulted by magazines all around the world. His projects are published monthly in national and international books and magazines.